Mathematical, Computational & Modeling Sciences Center

The Mathematical, Computational and Modeling Sciences Center is designed to promote intellectual fusion and foster innovative solutions to biological, environmental and social problems. By bringing together mathematicians and quantitative scientists in a collaborative, action-based arena, the center is enabling cutting-edge research, establishing flexible cross-disciplinary programs and training a new generation of solution-driven mathematical scientists. Center faculty participate in the newly established graduate and undergraduate cross-disciplinary degree programs in applied mathematics for the life and social sciences.   Visit the Mathematical, Computational & Modeling Sciences Center Web site.   Director Carlos Castillo-Chavez Executive Board Wayne Raskind  |  Sander van der Leeuw Core Faculty Decision Theater Tim Lant Mathematical, Computational and Modeling Sciences Center Luis Bettencourt School of Geographical Sciences Luc Anselin School of Human Evolution and Social Change J. Marty Anderies  |  Alexandra Brewis Slade  |  Carlos Castillo-Chavez  |  Gerardo Chowell-Puente  |  Marco A. Janssen  |  José Lobo  |  Sander van der Leeuw School of Mathematics and Statistical Sciences Carlos Castillo-Chavez  |  Shu-Chuan Chen  |  Sharon Crook  |  Karl Hadeler  |  Yang Kuang  |  Nicolas Lanchier  |  Alex Mahalov  |  Wayne Raskind  |  Svetlana Roudenko  |  Sergei Suslov  |  Stephen Tennenbaum  SUMS Institute Priscilla Greenwood  Affiliated Faculty Applied Sciences and Mathematics (Polytechnic campus) Abdessamad Tridane Mathematical and Natural Sciences Division (West campus) Roger Berger  |  Erika Camacho  |  Omayra Ortega  |  Haiyan Wang  |  Steve Wirkus School of Mathematics and Statistical Sciences Marilyn Carlson  |  Michael Oehrtman  |  Kyeong Hah Roh  |  Hal Smith  |  Wenbo Tang  |  Patrick Thompson